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Jacaranda Community Centre
146 Epsom Avenue

PO Box 142

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Vision and Values

Jacaranda Community Centre is a not for profit, grass roots incorporated community organisation that commenced operations on March 20th 2000 and received its notification of incorporation on May 9th 2000. The services provided by the centre were initiated to meet the needs of the people living in the City of Belmont with 80% being Aboriginal and also Aboriginal people from the wider metropolitan area.

The aims and objectives of Jacaranda Community Centre are:

  • To promote, enhance and maintain the welfare, education and cultural needs of people on low-incomes in Belmont and surrounding areas in an open-minded manner.
  • To provide a safe and inclusive space from Community members to meet and share experience, to gain knowledge and skills, thus reducing social isolation and concomitant problems
  • To provide an advocacy service to assist clients with housing related issues and homelessness
  • To provide an advocacy service to assist clients with debt negotiation and budgeting
  • To provide family support and counselling to community members
  • To provide court support where ever practical to support change
  • To provide information, resources and referral where appropriate
  • To provide community education groups from time to time based on the needs of the community
  • To promote greater awareness of the needs and issues of the Aboriginal community among Local, State and Federal providers
  • To provide consultation on community issues and offer participation in community concerns
  • To build partnerships with other service providers and encourage community participation

Any other assistance that the committee might consider which is in accordance with the objectives already listed.

The organisation encourages clients to have a sense of ownership of the agency and several clients are sitting committee members. The organisation provides information, resources and casework in the areas of housing, debt negotiation and family support. The agency has financial counselling funding through the Commonwealth and at risk Indigenous family funding. Clients who access the agency receive encouragement from staff members to improve their self-esteem and life skills. This enables clients to make informed decisions concerning their financial, housing and family issues and to act accordingly. Clients are also encouraged to utilise the premises as a meeting space for peer networking. The interaction and participant in community activities facilitated by Jacaranda Community Centre reduces social isolation and builds social capital. Other activities include NAIDOC and Harmony days, Indigenous Active ageing, Drug and Alcohol counselling, Journey of living with Diabetes and various other activities depending on tenders or grants that are advertised.

Jacaranda Community Centre works closely with the Department of Housing, the Department of Community Development, Centrelink, the Belmont Police and APLO’s from various stations and a variety of other organisations.

Lyndsey Fitzgerald is CEO of Jacaranda Community Centre.