Financial Capability Services

Financial Capability Services

As of First of January 2016, we now offer Financial Capability Worker. The Financial Capability worker can assist with financial literacy education and training. The worker can also tailor training on a Money Management course.

Session 1 – Making the Money Last Payday to Payday

a. What is money used for?
b. What stops the money lasting until payday?
c. Making a budget.
d. Planning for the future.
e. SMART Goals

Session 2 – How banks, phone/internet and paperwork can help

a. What are Banks?
b. The cost of Banking.
c. Different types of bank accounts.
d. Internet and telephone banking.
e. Why do I need paperwork?
 f. Contracts

Session 3 – Credit and Loans: Hazards, Sharks and Traps

a. What is Credit?
b. Types of credit.
c. Borrowing Money.
d. Secured and unsecured loans.
e. Relationship Debt.

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