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Women's Program (Health and Safety)

The Women’s Program was designed to provide the participants with the opportunity to learn some basic skills in first aid, address personal safety issues, address self-esteem and increase the participant’s engagement in the wider community. The program ran over 8 weeks.

Women were given the opportunity to participate in the Basic First Aid Course Facilitated by Red Cross Trainer. In which 5 client’s and two staff members were successful in gaining their Certificate. This program ran over two weeks at 1 day a week starting at 10:00am and finishing at 2:00pm.

Safety in the Home:

For example the Western Australia Police Department did provide the participants with professional crime prevention designed specifically for our community members. The WA Police provide information on how to stay safe in the home and in the wider community. In addition, it introduced the participants to other programs such as Neighbourhood Watch.

A lot of information was given out to the ladies. The Centre also received a DVD of Burglar Beware Home and personal security. Ladies were also given a carry bag full of items.

Personal Health and Safety:

Personal Health and Safety workshop was facilitated by the Women’s Health Service. Many of the ladies were provided with information regarding Personal Health, Personal Safety and Safety in the home. Ladies that attended this workshop found it to be really interesting and participated in many activities involved with the workshop.

Self Esteem and Motivation:

Self Esteem and Motivation workshop was also facilitated by the Women’s Health Service. Many of the ladies that participated in this workshop were women dealing with lack of motivation and self-esteem issues. Ladies found it really useful and this assisted many of them with ways of coping in situations. Ladies also participated in activities set up for them.

The program has incorporated a number of different organisations such as the Western Australia Police department, Department of Human Services, Women’s Health Service and the Australian Red Cross Service.

Utilising the services of the different organisation helps with the reduction of the overall cost of the programs, provides the participants with professional up to date information, increase the support networks of the participants by increasing their awareness of services available in the wider community.

The Overall Evaluation of this Women’s Program provided much needed information to all that participated in the Women’s Program. It also provided information to the clients of Jacaranda on what service are available to them within the Belmont and Surrounding areas.