Swap It - Don't Stop It

The program will run for 10 weeks with varying times/ days for the different sections of the program.

The participants will be Indigenous females between the ages of 20 – 40 years old (many of who are parents of young children).  The participants will live in the Belmont and the surrounding areas.

We will have three sections to this program:

  1. "Move It”, which will involve a walking group; we will walk once a week for ten weeks. Each walk will be followed by a healthy morning tea and participants will be given a “swap It” card and file.
  2. Go Green, will be held for two hours a week over four weeks. A Food cents officer from Foodbank will provide an hour and a half each week of good health education and cook a meal, with some ingredients coming from our Community Garden.  The women will be given a container to grow their own herbs from seeds and will tend to them and the food in the garden for half an hour a week.

Casual Cooking, A Food cents officer from the Red Cross and a Jacaranda Staff member will run cooking classes once a week for four weeks with a different theme each week, emphasising on the “Swap-It” message by using more vegetables, less oil and low fat ingredients.  Participants will be given a cook book of the receipts to take home, a “Swap It” card and will share in the meal group each week.